20080712 Tzu Chi Flood Relief in Lawrenceville, IL and Spencer, IN

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Volunteering in Lawrenceville, IL & Spencer, OH
by 钟应心 Christine Ing Xin Choong

After volunteering in both Lawrenceville and Spencer, I learned to cooperate with other tzu chi members. Every one of us has our own responsibility and we carried out our jobs systematically, thus making the whole process faster and smoother. Next, from interacting with the flood victims, I learned how to understand other people’s suffering, and how to console people. It’s very important for the people to know that they are still strangers from all over the world who still care about them. This remind me to appreciate my life I am leading now. I also learned to give compassions and love to others, as love is a circle, you give your love to others today, and the love will return to you one day in the future.

在Lawrenceville 和Spenser 当义工的时候, 我学会了分工合作。
每一个慈济会员都 尊守自己的岗位, 幸勤的执行各自的任务。

除此之外,在于感恩者沟通 的时候,我还学会了了解别人的痛苦,

我学会了见苦知福, 不会随便对我现在的生活感到有所不满。
爱与关怀本身是一个完美的圆圈, 今天你把爱与关怀给与需要的人,

Illinois and Indiana States Flood Relief

by Youning Lee


This was my first ever face-to-face encounter experience with the victims. There were too many natural disasters happening lately in the States. I used to have the misconceptions that being in a rich country like the USA, the natural disasters victims would also be luckier for the many aids they could get. After listening to their incidents, I realized that no matter how rich and strong a country is, due to ignorance and the cumulative negative karma, any natural disaster could easily turn a heaven on earth into hell in a blink of an eye. Some victims had lost their home and had to live in truck for weeks. Some elders lived alone, lost their homes and had to rebuild their homes from scratch again on their own. Upon seeing their difficulties, I could not help to feel the unbearable pain. I tried my best to give them love and care, while emotionally assured them that this was going to end and it was going to be fine, hoping that they would continue to get on with their lives courageously.   When great love still prevailed at hard times and when volunteers rendered their warmest care, love and help without asking anything in return, many victims were deeply touched to tears. This was a really beautiful scene. As a young volunteer, I was deeply touched and was even more determined to contribute my life to help the people in need.


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