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20080829 – Tzu Ching Camp in San Dimas, CA

USA Tzu Ching Camp 10th Anniversary at Tzu Chi USA Headquarters, San Dimas, CA (8/29- 9/1/2008)

Written by You Ning Lee (UMTC Historian 08-09)
Edited by Szu Ling Yeap (UMTC Vice President 08-09)

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I went to this camp with not much expectation in the beginning. However, it did widen my horizon and increase my wisdom once again. The lesson I took away from this camp was invaluable and it would benefit me for life.

The first and foremost thing I learnt at the camp was to accept the fact that we have to follow certain etiquettes in Tzu Chi. Honestly, before this camp, I felt that the rules were imposed to restrict our daily lives and I was uncomfortable with them. Some of them included to fold my blanket neatly, eat mindfully, talk softly and walk mindfully. I did not care so much about those petty things before that, doing what that made me happy. But after the camp, not only did the lecture about etiquette helped me to understand more, by seeing other fellow Tzu Ching members following the rules, I felt out of place. That was then when I felt that the rules were intended to discipline ourselves and for the purpose of making a whole group of people look unified and well-mannered. It is something like in Western restaurants, where we have to dine according to certain etiquettes; it is not a rule, but it will make yourself look sophisticated and elegant. Also, it made me realize that if I am not able to adhere to these basic etiquettes, how am I going to take on even tougher life challenges ahead in my life?

The next thing I learned was we must stay away from 10 bad habits in life. I used to think highly of myself, thinking that I don’t have much bad habits, but after Shr Bo’s talk, I realized that quite a number of the bad habits listed were applicable to me. These 10 bad habits include: killing, stealing, having sexual misconduct, greed, ignorance, anger, slander, lying, idle chattering and saying bad words. Of all 10 bad habits, 4 were relevant to conversation. It hit me hard in the face that I have been talking too much about useless things in my life, and Shr Bo’s talk has given me a new kind of urge, asking me to be more careful next time I talk.

The third thing I learnt of was that life is just a mentality game. Every adversity is a key. Throughout the life journey, notches and thorns are everywhere; therefore it is important to turn our suffering and frustration into positive things. Everyone will face problems every now and then, the determinant factor is how we handle them, whether we choose to handle them courageously, positively or we choose to grumble that life is never fair to us. It is all up to us to decide. It is in our hand. We can certainly determine our own destiny. When we have fought the best we can, then comes luck. “Luck” is when preparation meets opportunity, quoted from Dr Randy Pausch.

Apart from that, I also got my question answered in camp. My passion is in business field. However, I had often being discouraged by the saying that in order to survive in the field of business, you have to be cunning, you have to cheat and use all those tricky methods.  Else, you will never succeed and will be wounded. I certainly wish to succeed but I will never wish to compromise my values. It saddened me at times to have a dream contradicting with true values in my heart.  From the speakers’ presentation, I realized that I can and have to do this my own ethical way. Peer pressure always causes people to follow the trend. People around using tricks and other unlawful ways to succeed, does not mean that we have to do the same. We decide our own lives, and no matter how we pursue for success, good heart has to be guarded, and that we have to make sure that our actions do no harm, hurt no one and hopefully do good to others. Dr Randy Pausch has once said, “It’s not about how to achieve your dreams; it’s all about leading your life. If you lead your life in a right way, karma will take care of itself. And dreams will come to you.”

After I was back from the camp, I felt that I have been recharged, mentally and spiritually. My mind was as clear as the morning dew. Sometimes when I was too busy and being away from Master’s teachings, I tend to be forgetful of the real purpose I am here in this world. Am I leading my life the right way?  Did I compromise my values that true to my heart? 10 years from now if I look back, will I be proud of myself as a good person?

I am very grateful that I am growing up with Tzu Ching, with all the good companions, and lots of Master’s teachings, and also with Shr Gu, Shr Bo’s love, guidance and care. It makes my life more meaningful and fulfilling by learning how to be humble, how to treat others as equal, how to render help and care for others as well as how to count my blessings and be grateful everyday. Thank you, TC! Gan en!


20080807 United Nation Youth Assembly


20080807 United Nation Youth Assembly

by Karen Quek 郭麗瑩 (University of Michigan)

早上在Flushing搭地鐵到UN時發生了一件事讓我真正看到我的改變。地鐵站裡的人很多。當我正下著樓梯的時候,有一位慈青在樓上把我叫住。我回頭望,想要走上去,可是人真的很多。我沒辦法上去,所以就走了下去。然後身後傳來一位老伯的聲音。毫無原由他對我破口大罵,可是我並沒有說什麼,默默的走下樓梯。他在上地鐵之前,仍用很生氣的眼神看我。我當時的心情竟然是很平靜的,腦子裡想的唯一是 :“到底是什麼原因會讓老伯一大早就那麼心情不好呢?他是不是工作壓力很大,又或著是有什麼很大的會議要趕著開,所以才因此對我大罵一頓?” 在地鐵上,我一直在想這一回事。意外的是我發現了我的改變。以前的我做事比較衝動,做什麼事都不會去仔細的分析、去了解。以同樣的情形來說,我可能會開口罵回他,或著給他一個很不爽的眼神。現在的我比較樂觀了,做什麼事之前都會去想一想:我這樣做會開心嗎? 也許就像 上人所說的做人不要計較,可是要計較的是少睡一點,計較多做一點,還有要計較讓自己快樂一點。今天所發生的事讓我回想起我今年所做的、所聞的,我可以肯定的說我比以前活的更快樂、更充實!=)

by 師綺濃 (Washington, D.C. )

聯合國第五屆世界青年大會的第二天下午,我參加了一個關於環保的工作坊, 發現到大多數人對環境保護都有很大的認知,主講人Joshua Cooper和我們分享他都隨身攜帶環保杯和餐具,這剛好符合我們的慈濟文化. 雖然平日攜帶餐具對我來說是非常平常的事, 但是對一般美國人來說可是一件不可多得的事。


今天晚上參加的文化之夜,主辦單位提供的晚餐使用的餐具居然是用過及丟的塑膠餐具,沒想到白天請環保人士來演講,宣導環保要我們愛護地球,青年大會的主辦單位自己卻無法以身作則,把最簡單不過的環保觀念落實給大家,真是諷刺,讓我覺得想當失望, 看來我們所期盼的綠色地球離我們還很遙遠。

by 黃昱仁 (Ohio State University)



圓桌會談的環境環保會議中,慈青葉明俐同學與來自世界各地的青年領袖們分享到:「慈濟成員們都隨身攜帶免洗碗筷,是最直接響應環保議題的行為。」。 希望在這樣與全球接軌的機會中,能夠讓更多的人了解慈濟,也藉此響應今年的主題:「起而行,將計畫化為行動。」下午的行程也十分的精彩豐富,以嘻哈音樂-黑人文化中的靈魂音樂的形式 ,用不同的面向感染了與會人員。