20080907 UMTC Welcome Tea Party

UMTC Tea Party
Reported by You Ning Lee
Edited by Huey Shann Sue

Vodpod videos no longer available.

20080907 UMTC Tea Party (English)
20080907 UMTC Tea Party (Chinese)

It is the beginning of another academic year. The UMTC planning team had been planning for Tea Party cum Mass Meeting for the past 4 months. As it was the Summer Break, we were all in different parts of the world. Some of us went home for vacation and some were doing internships. Therefore, we had our meetings online bi weekly either on Skype or MSN.

Before the Tea Party started, the Planning Team members were busy setting up the place, and also catching up with some last minute practice of sign language. Most of the Shr Gu and Shr Bo also arrived earlier with their tasty dishes. Yuan Shr Gu also brought the environmental utensils from Detroit Office so that we can avoid using disposable utensils.

The Tea Party officially began with an Ice Breaker game called “Picnic” and it was conducted by Hui Ying Chin, our webmaster. The game was a name-remembering game; adapted from the ice-breaker game we had during 2008 USA Tzu Ching 10th Anniversary and Spiritual Retreat at San Dimas, CA.

The Tea Party was then followed by a short presentation by Huey Shann and Szu Ling. They introduced Tzu Chi and Tzu Ching so that new members have an idea of what Tzu Ching does in University of Michigan.

Next was watching Life Wisdom session. We watched one of the Master’s Life Wisdom that was chosen by Edward. Shortly before that, we had Hui Ying and Karen who introduced Life Wisdom to all and explained the reason we watch it.

After that, we had Environmental Protection Presentation by Edward. Edward gave us a very convincing presentation on the Earth Crisis that we are facing now. Our hope was that the audience will love our earth and be a more responsible citizen. This was then followed by sharing from Beth about her experience on Flood Relief and also what other Tzu Chings did in Flood Relief last summer.

Next, we had the sign language performance presented by the Planning Team. The song that we presented was “Gratitude, Respect and Love”.

The following session was a short praying session hosted by me. (You Ning Lee) We prayed sincerely and faithfully, hoping that there will be less disasters and sufferings and that everyone can live peacefully, happily and healthily.

Towards the end, we presented an appreciation card to Wu Shr Gu, who had been our advisor for years. Thank you, Wu Shr Gu, for your guidance, advice, and company all these while! We will keep up our good work and we will miss you always.

We also presented small Jing Si Bookmarks to our audience as souvenirs.

It’s dinner time! Sincere and earnest gratitude to all Shr Gu’s and Shr Bo’s for preparing the delicious food. Thank you Shr Gu’s and Shr Bo’s for your love and support! Special thanks too to Sheau Wen, for preparing the drinks. All of us felt so homely with all sorts of home cooked dishes and handmade pastries.

Finally, thank you everyone for coming. Thank you very much to each and every one of us for making this Tea Party a success. Thank you for all the hard work, patience, cooperation and perseverance.  We are very happy to see so many new members signed up this year. We hope to see you again in future activities. Let’s learn from each other and work hand in hand, together we spread the seed of love around and make a difference to our world. Once again, Gan En to Shr Gu’s and Shr Bo’s, Beth and Edward and also to all the Planning Team members!

Special Thanks to Lai Shr Bo for sending me those really nice photos! Gan en, Shr Bo!


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