20080914 Mid Autumn Festival at Mimi SG’s House

Mid-Autumn Festival at Mimi Shr Gu’s House
Reported by You Ning Lee
Edited by Huey Shann Sue and Szu Ling Yeap

On Sept 14th, 2008, UM Tzu Ching Planning Team had been invited to Mimi Shr Gu’s house as an appreciation of hard work done for Tea Party and also for Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.

Once we reached Shr Gu’s house, we were amazed by the variety of food that had been sincerely prepared by Shr Gu(s) since the day before. Shr Gu organized a themed lunch this time. The theme was “Taiwan Market Street”.  We would like to express our heartiest gratitude here to all the Shr Gu(s) for the tantalizing and special lunch. Thank you and gan en, Shr Gu(s)! We are very grateful for the love and care you have given to us. I could feel the warmth and comfort of celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival at home. It was indeed a very heart-warming moment for all of us.

Thank you, Shr Gu(s)! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! (中秋节快乐!)


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