20080920 Ypsilanti Nursing Home Visit

Ypsilanti Nursing Home Visit
Reported by You Ning Lee
Edited by Huey Shann Sue and Szu Ling Yeap

It was the third Saturday of the month again, which meant that we will visit a nursing home. This was the first visit to Nursing Home for the Fall 2008 semester. We were happy to see so many new members showed up in this event. There were a total of 17 members who joined us this time and most of them have never been to a nursing home before.

As there were many new members, we gave a short briefing beforehand. Members were reminded about some facts of the elders in the Nursing Home. Many of the elders have hearing problems whereas some may get irritated easily. There are also elders who will give a cold shoulder even when we approach them with a friendly smile. It is best when we could put ourselves in the elders’ shoes. Then we can really understand how they feel and know how we should go about treating them. Those elders have been isolated for a very long time. Many of them have health problems and their families seldom visit them, so they are pessimistic about their lives. Therefore, we should treat them with love and patience; let them know that we care for them.

During the performance, each Tzu Ching was told to be at one elder’s side. They were encouraged to talk to them and to hold their hand if possible. As many of them had never been to nursing home before, they felt uneasy. During the sharing at the end of the visit, many did voice out that they felt really awkward and uncomfortable with the situation at the beginning.

Ypsilanti Nursing Home

Tzu Ching performed “Gu Zheng”. The elders loved it very much.

Shr Gu played piano

After that, we served cakes and drinks to the elders. I am very proud of all the new members because they had done a really good job although this was their first time visiting the Nursing Home. Each of them served the elders with patience, care and love. They had fun chatting with the elders too. One of our members said that the visit reminded him to treat his parents and grandparents better and to be a filial son. Some of the members were happy to be able to know the elders better through chatting.

Beautiful Smiles

Our nursing home visit ended with a sharing among the volunteers. I hope that all of us did gain something from the visit. Hopefully everyone will appreciate every moment in life and make full use of our time as all of us will get old one day. Also, I hope that the elders were happy to see us around. Special thanks to the new Tzu Ching members for joining us! Gan en! Let us pray and hope that the cycle of love will never end.


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