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20081025 – English Lessons for Senior Residents at Parkway Meadows

Parkway Meadows Senior Resident Caring Project

Prepared by Sabrina I-Hsuan Wang

Event: Senior Residents Caring Project

Purpose: Help senior residents in Parkway Meadows to clean their apartments and also to interact more with them

Date/Venue: Oct. 25th, 2008 (Saturday) 9.30-11.30am

Parkway Meadows Apartments 2575 Sandalwood Cir, Ann Arbor, MI

Number of people attended: 11

Hui Ying Chin, Kah Loong Chong, Sabrina Wang, Mei Chen Chua, Cun Yong Goh, Beth Chen, Jackson Cheng, Jessie Tsaur, Jessica Chung, Kevin Yeh, Poh Ying Sim

* English lesson taught by Hui Ying and Kah Loong

Short Description/ Outcome:

This was the second time of Caring Project at Parkway Meadows. With the help of Janet (程老師), we divided into three groups and served in five families. This time everyone was more familiar with the job, and felt more comfortable on how to interact with them. Because most of the families were the same as the first time, some seniors even recognized us. Also, some members worked really well with seniors even though this was their first time.



20081018 – Canton/Westland Nursing Home Visit

20081018 Canton Nursing Home Visit

What: Canton Nursing Home Visit

Why: To show our love and care to the elders

Where/When: Canton Nursing Home/ 18 October, 2008

Number of people who attended: 12

Edward Jan, You Ning Lee, Christine Choong, Sabrina Wang, Sheau Wen Lew, Poh Ying Sim, Morgan Merlanti, Kai Liang Nyoi, Cunn Yong Goh, Jessica Chung, Ernest Koh, Albert Tan

Short Description:

The night before the nursing home visit, we did meet up to practice a sign language song for the visit. This time around, most of us felt more comfortable and better in treating the elders with care and love. The elders enjoyed seeing us performing. They sang and even danced along with us happily. As usual, the session ended with a small group sharing on our own reflection. Most of the members felt that we need to have more practices for performances so that we can do even better for the next visit.

Sharing/Reflection by Morgan Merlanti:

Visiting the nursing home allowed me to consider and reflect on the lives and
perspectives of its residents.  I was able to see first hand their typical conditions.
They don’t seem to have many opportunities to be involved in interactive activities or to
have many visitors.  The presentations and interaction provided by our group, though
seemingly small to us, appeared to be much appreciated by the nursing home residents.
This experience has shown me how something that takes relatively minimal effort can have
a significant positive impact on the lives of others.

-Morgan M.





Reported by,

You Ning Lee

20081018 – English Lessons for Senior Residents at Parkway Meadows

What: English Class

Why: To teach English to the Chinese senior residents at Parkway Meadows.

Where/When: October 18th, 2008 (Saturday) 9.30-11.00am
Parkway Meadows Apartments
2575 Sandalwood Cir, Ann Arbor, MI

Number of people who attended: 4

Szu Ling Yeap, Huey Shann Sue, Ellie Wang, Kah Loong Chong


20081010 – Members Meeting

UMTC Fall 2008 2nd Member Meeting

What: Fall 2008 2nd Member Meeting

Theme: Environmental Protection

Why: To increase members’ awareness of the importance of environment protection and to share “go green” habits we can assimilate into our daily lives.

Where/When: October, 10th, 2008(Friday) 6-7.00pm at room 1804, School of Social Work

Number of people who attended: 22

Name List: Huey Shann Sue, Mei Chen Chua, Szu Ling Yeap, Karen Quek, Beth Chen Yi-wei, You Ning Lee, Morgan Merlanti, Stephanie Wang, Kai Liang Nyoi, Kai Hsiang Chan, Yu Ching Lin, Ket Seng Koh, Ellie Wang, Jessie Tsai, Jason Hung, I-Hsuan Wang, Jackson Cheng, Jesse Tsaur, Edward Jan, Hui Ying Chin, Wen Xin Xiao, Manch Lin

Short Description:

On October 10th, 2008, UMTC had its second member meeting for Fall 2008. 21 members attended included some new freshman members. Different from previous member meeting, we discussed about an environmental issue which was held by Beth after watching the video of Life Wisdom. The purpose of discussion was to have more interaction between members, to get to know each other better, and to emphasize the importance of the issue. The topic of our first discussion was “reuse and refuse.” All of the members were divided into three groups, and shared their own opinions and experiences toward the topic. After discussing, one member from each group represented their group and made a brief presentation. Kai-Hsiang said that he used to buy bottle water, and then produced a lot of avoidable garbage. So he decided from now on he would use pitcher instead. Manch Manju Lin shared her experience that when she was in Japan, almost everyone used one plastic bag, plastic lunch box, and disposable chopsticks every day. She made her effort to convince one of her co-worker to refuse taking plastic bag even though they gave you without even asking. It is believed that no matter how small difference one person can make, it will be a great change if everyone keeps doing the same thing. At the end, Beth also mentioned the EP project which was still in process. The main idea is to encourage people bring their own lunch box when buying take-out. After the meeting, we managed to enjoy some refreshment. Special thanks to Szu Ling for baking the chocolate cakes, to Huey Shann for the Green tea and to Hui Ying for the chips.



Written by,

I-Hsuan Wang (Sabrina)

29081004 – English Lessons for Senior Residents at Parkway Meadows

Prepared by Szu Ling Yeap

What: English Class

Why: To teach English to the Chinese senior residents at Parkway Meadows

Where/When: October 4th, 2008 (Saturday) 2.30-4.00pm
Parkway Meadows Apartments
2575 Sandalwood Cir, Ann Arbor, MI

Number of people who attended: 4

Szu Ling Yeap, Hui Ying Chin, Hsin Hsin Lee, Kah Loong Chong

Short Description:

This was the first time we went to teach English at the senior apartment. Hui Ying and Szu Ling were the main instructors of the class, but Hsin Hsin and Kah Loong were assisting among the crowd, especially if any of the elders who were slower at understanding.

We actually had a textbook that we can follow, and it’s called English: 900 Sentences. Every chapter consisted of 15 conversation sentences, followed by various activities like verb exercises and vocabulary based on those sentences.

That Saturday, we taught the senior residents 15 new sentences and also some new vocabulary words. They were very eager to learn and paid full attention when we were teaching. They asked questions and we explained in Chinese. They liked this concept very much, because we could answer their questions in Chinese. The response from them was very encouraging that we decided to go teach them every Saturday morning except the 2nd Saturday of every month.

That was my first time teaching in a classroom-like environment and I really had so much emotions going on. I felt very happy looking at the eagerness to learn on the senior residents’ faces. Although they are old as most of them are above 65 years old, but the desire to learn still stays on. It made me realize that we, as youngsters, should put in more effort in learning. Having the chance to learn and get education is actually a blessing, and an opportunity, not a suffering, which many others think so. Also, it made me realize that teaching is not an easy job at all and we should give more respect to teachers, and not fall asleep in class.