20081025 – English Lessons for Senior Residents at Parkway Meadows

Parkway Meadows Senior Resident Caring Project

Prepared by Sabrina I-Hsuan Wang

Event: Senior Residents Caring Project

Purpose: Help senior residents in Parkway Meadows to clean their apartments and also to interact more with them

Date/Venue: Oct. 25th, 2008 (Saturday) 9.30-11.30am

Parkway Meadows Apartments 2575 Sandalwood Cir, Ann Arbor, MI

Number of people attended: 11

Hui Ying Chin, Kah Loong Chong, Sabrina Wang, Mei Chen Chua, Cun Yong Goh, Beth Chen, Jackson Cheng, Jessie Tsaur, Jessica Chung, Kevin Yeh, Poh Ying Sim

* English lesson taught by Hui Ying and Kah Loong

Short Description/ Outcome:

This was the second time of Caring Project at Parkway Meadows. With the help of Janet (程老師), we divided into three groups and served in five families. This time everyone was more familiar with the job, and felt more comfortable on how to interact with them. Because most of the families were the same as the first time, some seniors even recognized us. Also, some members worked really well with seniors even though this was their first time.



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