20081122 Parkway Meadows Senior Resident Caring Project

Parkway Meadows Senior Resident Caring Project

Prepared by Sabrina I-Hsuan Wang

Event: Senior Residents Caring Project

Purpose: Help senior residents in Parkway Meadows to clean their apartments and also to interact more with them

Date/Venue: Nov 22nd, 2008 (Saturday) 9.30-11.30am

Parkway Meadows Apartments 2575 Sandalwood Cir, Ann Arbor, MI

Number of people attended: 11

Hui Ying Chin, You Ning Lee, Urvashi, Kah Loong Chong, Kai Liang Nyoi, Jessica Chung, Sheau Wen Lew, Poh Ying Sim, Wen Xin Xiao, Edward Jan, Sabrina Wang

* English Lesson taught by You Ning, Urvashi, and Kah Loong


感想:(by Sabrina I-Hsuan Wang)


English Class Teaching Reflection by You Ning Lee

This was my first experience teaching English to senior residents in Parkway Meadows. Scared and clueless at the beginning, I had little confidence to teach them well as English language was not my mother tongue either. After some brief explanation from Hui Ying of what to teach, I braced myself to teach at the end. It was hard to believe at first that they were all above 65 years old, with the majority of them aged 80 and above. Despite their age, they were truly young at heart. They were so excited and eager to learn English every time. From my observation, almost all of them had done some preparation earlier so as to absorb better. I was truly amazed by their spirit of learning. I was also dumbfounded by their questions. They had indeed read a lot before coming into class. I could not answer some of the questions. The way they asked question showed that they truly wanted to learn and master the knowledge. They learnt solely because learning is a journey of life and that they were more than willing to learn until the end of their lives. I was truly touched by the spirit and was ashamed of myself at the same time. Being in a competitive college, I have to admit that sometimes grades and score mattered so much to me that I tend to forget about the purpose I enrolled in college. They had certainly made my day and injected new spirit and hope into me to learn the best I could in life, and to make learning a wonderful journey of life.




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