20081018 – English Lessons for Senior Residents at Parkway Meadows

What: English Class

Why: To teach English to the Chinese senior residents at Parkway Meadows.

Where/When: October 18th, 2008 (Saturday) 9.30-11.00am
Parkway Meadows Apartments
2575 Sandalwood Cir, Ann Arbor, MI

Number of people who attended: 4

Szu Ling Yeap, Huey Shann Sue, Ellie Wang, Kah Loong Chong



20081010 – Members Meeting

UMTC Fall 2008 2nd Member Meeting

What: Fall 2008 2nd Member Meeting

Theme: Environmental Protection

Why: To increase members’ awareness of the importance of environment protection and to share “go green” habits we can assimilate into our daily lives.

Where/When: October, 10th, 2008(Friday) 6-7.00pm at room 1804, School of Social Work

Number of people who attended: 22

Name List: Huey Shann Sue, Mei Chen Chua, Szu Ling Yeap, Karen Quek, Beth Chen Yi-wei, You Ning Lee, Morgan Merlanti, Stephanie Wang, Kai Liang Nyoi, Kai Hsiang Chan, Yu Ching Lin, Ket Seng Koh, Ellie Wang, Jessie Tsai, Jason Hung, I-Hsuan Wang, Jackson Cheng, Jesse Tsaur, Edward Jan, Hui Ying Chin, Wen Xin Xiao, Manch Lin

Short Description:

On October 10th, 2008, UMTC had its second member meeting for Fall 2008. 21 members attended included some new freshman members. Different from previous member meeting, we discussed about an environmental issue which was held by Beth after watching the video of Life Wisdom. The purpose of discussion was to have more interaction between members, to get to know each other better, and to emphasize the importance of the issue. The topic of our first discussion was “reuse and refuse.” All of the members were divided into three groups, and shared their own opinions and experiences toward the topic. After discussing, one member from each group represented their group and made a brief presentation. Kai-Hsiang said that he used to buy bottle water, and then produced a lot of avoidable garbage. So he decided from now on he would use pitcher instead. Manch Manju Lin shared her experience that when she was in Japan, almost everyone used one plastic bag, plastic lunch box, and disposable chopsticks every day. She made her effort to convince one of her co-worker to refuse taking plastic bag even though they gave you without even asking. It is believed that no matter how small difference one person can make, it will be a great change if everyone keeps doing the same thing. At the end, Beth also mentioned the EP project which was still in process. The main idea is to encourage people bring their own lunch box when buying take-out. After the meeting, we managed to enjoy some refreshment. Special thanks to Szu Ling for baking the chocolate cakes, to Huey Shann for the Green tea and to Hui Ying for the chips.



Written by,

I-Hsuan Wang (Sabrina)

29081004 – English Lessons for Senior Residents at Parkway Meadows

Prepared by Szu Ling Yeap

What: English Class

Why: To teach English to the Chinese senior residents at Parkway Meadows

Where/When: October 4th, 2008 (Saturday) 2.30-4.00pm
Parkway Meadows Apartments
2575 Sandalwood Cir, Ann Arbor, MI

Number of people who attended: 4

Szu Ling Yeap, Hui Ying Chin, Hsin Hsin Lee, Kah Loong Chong

Short Description:

This was the first time we went to teach English at the senior apartment. Hui Ying and Szu Ling were the main instructors of the class, but Hsin Hsin and Kah Loong were assisting among the crowd, especially if any of the elders who were slower at understanding.

We actually had a textbook that we can follow, and it’s called English: 900 Sentences. Every chapter consisted of 15 conversation sentences, followed by various activities like verb exercises and vocabulary based on those sentences.

That Saturday, we taught the senior residents 15 new sentences and also some new vocabulary words. They were very eager to learn and paid full attention when we were teaching. They asked questions and we explained in Chinese. They liked this concept very much, because we could answer their questions in Chinese. The response from them was very encouraging that we decided to go teach them every Saturday morning except the 2nd Saturday of every month.

That was my first time teaching in a classroom-like environment and I really had so much emotions going on. I felt very happy looking at the eagerness to learn on the senior residents’ faces. Although they are old as most of them are above 65 years old, but the desire to learn still stays on. It made me realize that we, as youngsters, should put in more effort in learning. Having the chance to learn and get education is actually a blessing, and an opportunity, not a suffering, which many others think so. Also, it made me realize that teaching is not an easy job at all and we should give more respect to teachers, and not fall asleep in class.

29080927 – Parkway Meadows Senior Resident Caring Project

Prepared by Huey Shann Sue and Szu Ling Yeap

What: 居家关怀 Senior Residents Caring Project

Why: Help senior residents in Parkway Meadows to clean their apartments and also to interact more with them.

Where/When: Sept 27th, 2008 (Saturday) 9.30-11.30am
Parkway Meadows Apartments
2575 Sandalwood Cir, Ann Arbor, MI

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Short Description/Outcome:

Number of people attended: 13
Hui Ying Chin,  Sabrina/ I-Hsuan, Kah Loong Chong, Qi Pang, Mei Chen Chua, Huey Shann Sue, Szu Ling Yeap, Kai Liang Nyoi, Jesse Tsaur, Cun Yong Goh, Beth Chen, Edward Jan, Jackson Cheng, Andrew

This was our first time to start “居家关怀/Caring Project” at Parkway Meadows. We were helping Food Gatherers to pack and distribute food every month before we started this project, but we stopped taking part because they already found enough volunteers to help them with that.

We had the first meeting with Janet (程老师), 张妈妈 and 许老师 (three residents in Parkway Meadows). Janet (程老师) briefly told us the situations of the senior residents in Parkway Meadows. Then we were split into four groups to serve four families in the apartments whereas Szu Ling and Hui Ying had a meeting with Janet (程老师) and 许老师 about the English class which will start next week.

Some of us helped the senior residents to clean up their apartments, like vacuuming or washing the bathrooms, because some of them weren’t able to reach up or bend down. Some of us spent time to interact and chat with the seniors. Most of them seldom have visitors and they were so happy to see us that they even served snacks and drinks to us. We were happy to serve the four families and those grandpas and grandmas were happy to see us as well.

by 俊勇

今天一大清早就去了老人公寓。此次是我在慈青第二次的活动。8点就得起床了啊。好想再多睡一会儿哦。但想起上次慈青的活动让我感触到感恩的重要,我就好期待。到了那儿,我们和老人公寓的代表(程老师,许老师与张妈妈)开了个小小的会议。程老师告诉我们这些老人们的年龄都高于60岁。 他们大多数都是受过教育的。只是年纪大了,他们不能继续工作,才住在这儿。除了与老人们谈天与帮他们清洗和打扫公寓外,我们还为他们准备了英文班。之后,我们就三人一组到老婆婆与老爷爷的公寓去。听说他们都很用心得学习!听到此,我想我是否应该检讨自己好玩与不认真的态度。开会后,我们就三人一组的开始我们的活动。在同一组的Beth,Ken和我帮了一位奶奶做些清洗工作。看到奶奶那么开心,我们都很欣慰。奶奶告诉我们她希望能有人每天陪她聊天。我觉得他们需要的是我们的关怀和陪伴。年纪大了若没人照顾真的好可怜。

我觉得也许这次时间紧促,我们并没有帮上什么忙。希望下一次 我们可以做得更好。


by 凯量

这次是我第二次参加慈青的活动,感觉很好,也让我有不一样的体验。这所老人公寓跟我想象得很不一样。老人公寓附近的环境很好,很适合退休后的生活。公寓内也很安静,很悠闲,没有一点吵杂声。老人公寓的代表,Janet 老师、许伯伯和张妈妈,各个都好亲切,也博学多才。Janet老师告诉我们,在这里居住的老人,大部分是华人,都是退休人士,有工程师、教授等等。他们大多数都是因为子女们在美国而搬过来的,还有的是因为要替子女带小孩。有些行动不便的老人特别需要人帮助。经过了一轮分配,Edward、美珍和我前往我们被安排的公寓。我们被安排去的公寓,住着一对老夫妻。一见到我们,赵伯伯和赵奶奶就很热情的跟我们交流。赵伯伯和赵奶奶是广州人,在抗战时期搬到了台湾,也在那儿定居下来。他们有四个孩子,而且都在美国。这也是他们十年前搬到美国的原因。我在跟赵奶奶交谈时,能很明确的察觉到她离乡背井来到美国的辛苦。她跟我说她很想回台湾生活,可是因为子女们多在美国所以就没办法。赵奶奶和赵伯伯都非常客气,只让我们帮他们吸地板,因为赵奶奶手受过伤,不方便使用吸尘机。清理完后,赵奶奶还拿了许都食物,要我们带回去。临走前,赵伯伯和赵奶奶的一句:“你们都是我们的孙子”,深深地打动了我的心,让离乡背井的我感觉到家的温暖。这次的活动意义深重,我很期待下一期的探访。慈青,加油!

20080920 Ypsilanti Nursing Home Visit

Ypsilanti Nursing Home Visit
Reported by You Ning Lee
Edited by Huey Shann Sue and Szu Ling Yeap

It was the third Saturday of the month again, which meant that we will visit a nursing home. This was the first visit to Nursing Home for the Fall 2008 semester. We were happy to see so many new members showed up in this event. There were a total of 17 members who joined us this time and most of them have never been to a nursing home before.

As there were many new members, we gave a short briefing beforehand. Members were reminded about some facts of the elders in the Nursing Home. Many of the elders have hearing problems whereas some may get irritated easily. There are also elders who will give a cold shoulder even when we approach them with a friendly smile. It is best when we could put ourselves in the elders’ shoes. Then we can really understand how they feel and know how we should go about treating them. Those elders have been isolated for a very long time. Many of them have health problems and their families seldom visit them, so they are pessimistic about their lives. Therefore, we should treat them with love and patience; let them know that we care for them.

During the performance, each Tzu Ching was told to be at one elder’s side. They were encouraged to talk to them and to hold their hand if possible. As many of them had never been to nursing home before, they felt uneasy. During the sharing at the end of the visit, many did voice out that they felt really awkward and uncomfortable with the situation at the beginning.

Ypsilanti Nursing Home

Tzu Ching performed “Gu Zheng”. The elders loved it very much.

Shr Gu played piano

After that, we served cakes and drinks to the elders. I am very proud of all the new members because they had done a really good job although this was their first time visiting the Nursing Home. Each of them served the elders with patience, care and love. They had fun chatting with the elders too. One of our members said that the visit reminded him to treat his parents and grandparents better and to be a filial son. Some of the members were happy to be able to know the elders better through chatting.

Beautiful Smiles

Our nursing home visit ended with a sharing among the volunteers. I hope that all of us did gain something from the visit. Hopefully everyone will appreciate every moment in life and make full use of our time as all of us will get old one day. Also, I hope that the elders were happy to see us around. Special thanks to the new Tzu Ching members for joining us! Gan en! Let us pray and hope that the cycle of love will never end.

20080919 Members’ Meeting

UMTC Fall 2008 1st Member Meeting
Reported by You Ning Lee
Edited by Huey Shann Sue and Szu Ling Yeap

On September 19th, 2008, UMTC had its first member meeting for Fall 2008 at room 1804, School of Social Work. More than 20 members attended the meeting and most of them were new members. This was a more informal event, compared to the Tea Party, hoping that the planning team members can interact and know more with the new members.

We wanted to have this meeting because we wanted to introduce Tzu Ching, our activities, and the Planning Team. Also, we introduced Tzu Chi by watching a video entitled “Story from the East”. The meeting started off with 2 ice breaker games. All of us had a great time getting to know each other in a fun way.

First Ice Breaking Game

Second Ice Breaking Game, trying to guess who was on the other side.

All of us had a good laughing time

The meeting was then followed by presentation from Huey Shann, UMTC President and Szu Ling, UMTC Vice President. They introduced the activities we will be holding this semester including Morning Sharing Group, Parkway Meadows Care for the Elderly program, Nursing Home Visit etc. They also gave a review on what we have done so far such as attending various retreats and camps, United Nation Assembly, and also disaster relief. Other than that, each planning team role’s was also being explained to the members. Finally, they wrapped up their presentation by talking about the requirements to become an official Tzu Ching, ie. to get a Tzu Ching Uniform. Some of the requirements were to have a certain amount of volunteer hours, to participate in at least 3 different kinds of community service and to attend at least one Tzu Chi retreat/camp.

Huey Shann and Szu Ling’s presentation

Next, we displayed a video entitled “Story from the East” about Master Cheng Yen and Tzu Chi Foundation. The video was carefully chosen by Beth and Edward, our Tzu Ching Seniors. It was a very touching video and all of us watched intently and mindfully.

Video “Story from the East”

Around 7pm, our meeting ended when we served some refreshments and presented souvenirs to the new members.

Souvenirs were bookmarks made by reused materials courtesy of LA Tzu Chi HQ.

Refreshments were cookies prepared by Beth and Edward.

20080914 Mid Autumn Festival at Mimi SG’s House

Mid-Autumn Festival at Mimi Shr Gu’s House
Reported by You Ning Lee
Edited by Huey Shann Sue and Szu Ling Yeap

On Sept 14th, 2008, UM Tzu Ching Planning Team had been invited to Mimi Shr Gu’s house as an appreciation of hard work done for Tea Party and also for Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.

Once we reached Shr Gu’s house, we were amazed by the variety of food that had been sincerely prepared by Shr Gu(s) since the day before. Shr Gu organized a themed lunch this time. The theme was “Taiwan Market Street”.  We would like to express our heartiest gratitude here to all the Shr Gu(s) for the tantalizing and special lunch. Thank you and gan en, Shr Gu(s)! We are very grateful for the love and care you have given to us. I could feel the warmth and comfort of celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival at home. It was indeed a very heart-warming moment for all of us.

Thank you, Shr Gu(s)! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! (中秋节快乐!)