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20081108 Fall Chore Day

Event: Fall Chore Day

Purpose: To show our love and care to the elders

Date/Venue: Nov. 8th, 2008 (Saturday)

Number of people who attended: 11

Edward Jan, Jesse Tsaur, Manju Lin, Sabrina Wang, Wenxin Xiao, Hsin-Hsin Lee, Ellie Wang, Jason Hung, Jackson Chen, Morgan Merlanti

Short Description:

We met at 9:30am at the School of Social Work and went for registration- where we picked up the rakes and paper bags, as well as the addresses of the two houses that we’ll be clearing the leaves from. It was a cold morning, but everyone put in their best effort, worked hard, and gradually dismissed the cold. After we raked both yards, we celebrated by eating the 粽子 that Wu Shr Gu made, chatted, and came home. The most touching thing about this event is that although there were complaints about the early morning, freezing weather, and the fact that many of us have never held a rake in our lives, we put those discomforts aside as we contributed to the community.

Reported by,

Hsin-Hsin Lee





20071110 Fall Chore Day

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