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20081018 – Canton/Westland Nursing Home Visit

20081018 Canton Nursing Home Visit

What: Canton Nursing Home Visit

Why: To show our love and care to the elders

Where/When: Canton Nursing Home/ 18 October, 2008

Number of people who attended: 12

Edward Jan, You Ning Lee, Christine Choong, Sabrina Wang, Sheau Wen Lew, Poh Ying Sim, Morgan Merlanti, Kai Liang Nyoi, Cunn Yong Goh, Jessica Chung, Ernest Koh, Albert Tan

Short Description:

The night before the nursing home visit, we did meet up to practice a sign language song for the visit. This time around, most of us felt more comfortable and better in treating the elders with care and love. The elders enjoyed seeing us performing. They sang and even danced along with us happily. As usual, the session ended with a small group sharing on our own reflection. Most of the members felt that we need to have more practices for performances so that we can do even better for the next visit.

Sharing/Reflection by Morgan Merlanti:

Visiting the nursing home allowed me to consider and reflect on the lives and
perspectives of its residents.  I was able to see first hand their typical conditions.
They don’t seem to have many opportunities to be involved in interactive activities or to
have many visitors.  The presentations and interaction provided by our group, though
seemingly small to us, appeared to be much appreciated by the nursing home residents.
This experience has shown me how something that takes relatively minimal effort can have
a significant positive impact on the lives of others.

-Morgan M.





Reported by,

You Ning Lee


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